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Building your base!

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I wanted to show you guys some base building tips because I noticed that a lot of you guys were wondering about this and also when I attack in general I see a lot of terrible bases almost all of them so I guess there's sort of a lack of guides for that. I know there's a lot of the farming bases and stuff like that on YouTube. Quick base builds and that kind of thing but there's none really for lower levels and there's no real general guidelines for building bases because I know some people like to be creative with their own base and they don't want to copy what other people have.

It's possible they just want to have something different as well and not knowing what to upgrade or if you're just a low enough level there's not really guides for you, so I wanted to give you guys some general tips. These might be pretty basic but I'll get into some more in detail stuff for those of you who are higher levels just when it comes to building bases I've had so many different bases. I've tried a ton and so I kind of have a really good idea of what works and what doesn't so in general there's three different kinds of bases.

There's a farming base where you have your Town Hall on the outside and all of your resources are near the middle or mainly protected by everything else, there's a hybrid base which is a little bit of a hybrid between both. You stick your Town Hall in the middle with all of your other stuff and this sort of protects your Town Hall and your trophies but at the same time still protects your resources because let's say you're lower level you don't want to lose too many resources to your attackers you're still just trying to keep as much as you can but you want to go higher in trophies and then finally there is a full-out trophy hunting base so this is a base where your Town Hall will be completely in the center all of your resources aren't really protected or are slightly protected but mainly on the outside this is when you don't actually care for your resources. You're trying to push for trophies.

if someone steals your resources you're not too worried about it and you just have a lack of them in general so it doesn't really matter. Your elixir storages might be on the outside or something like that but they're not really protected and unlike the hybrid base they are not near the center whereas a hybrid base you are still kind of protecting your resources. I'm going to show you guys an example here. so let's say I have a lower level Town Hall and let's say this is all these storages I have I just have four. There seems to be a misconception that doing something along the lines of this will be the best possible way to protect your resources and it just isn't.

There's no way that this is the best and I'm going to tell you why if you have four different kinds of storages it might not be so bad but once you get into the higher levels you're going to have three of each and even four of each like I do. As you guys can see I actually have four gold storages, but to put all of this in the middle would be quite a bit and it would take up a lot of your base and a lot of your walls but the main reason that you don't want to do this and I see a lot of people also doing something where they'll take their walls and sort of double wall it and they'll put as many walls as they can protecting these storages on the inside and this is even worse.

base building in clash of clans

I'm going to tell you guys why. It's because when people are attacking, let's say you got your wizard towers out here alright, now someone's attacking essentially all of your collectors all of your storage and all of your loot is in the middle and you might be thinking, well then, it's the most protected, look how many different defenses I have outside that's totally protected, look at this no one's going to get into this, but that's a very big misconception. What's actually going to happen is they're going to use wall breakers or something else to funnel their troops into the middle where your storages are.

Well, what did I do wrong, how did they get in there so quick and the basic fact is that when you use these walls you're trying to separate your base. You want to have as many compartments as you possibly can and this is going to make it a lot harder for troops to get through once they use all their wall breakers, or say they don't have any essentially when you have more compartments they're going to be distracted by more things they're going to have to attack more walls and walls are very hard to destroy because they have a lot of health.

So if your troops are trying to get through this, and they're banging on these walls it's going to take forever unless you have like 40 barbarians attacking this one wall, it's going to take forever for them to get through so that's why you want to have many compartments all right. so let's say this is your basic setup now this isn't actually the best some people think this is the best to have as many little one compartments as you can it's actually not. you don't want to have that and I'm going to show you guys why.

This by the way is very important, you always want to have your clan castle near or in the middle, any other direction is stupid you shouldn't have it anywhere else and the reason is because it has a pretty large radius as you can see this covers quite a bit of the map if you guys look this is a pretty basic tip but when you're selecting different stuff you can see the radius that they have to attack obviously. so let's say this clan castle isn't actually in the middle that's a huge issue and the reason is how much more it covers if it's in the middle. it's now covering everything whereas if it's over here now let's say you have some more stuff out here it's not even protecting this stuff. So it won't even get triggered, so you want to have it in the middle and the reason is because either people can use their troops to lure out your troops and destroy them, say they use a lightning spell or they just take them out here over here in the corner that's a big problem because now you don't have that extra defense that's going to destroy some troops and distract them.

And also another thing that they can do is they can just completely avoid it, so he could just attack from over here by the way this little thing in the middle that's actually the center of your base they added that at some point I don't know when but it's a huge help because when you're building bases a lot like me you now know where the center is you just stick something in there that's the exact center so you can have symmetrical bases because I am particular about this sort of thing guys, a lot of people go for this sort of thing. So let's say you have all this right, most people go for the square design, so they'll go for the square. They'll have their splash damage or anything they deem really important in the center and it'll go around like this and this is sort of the main idea. Now this is really good this this kind of sucks but this is really good because you got your clan castle in the middle protecting everything. it's very linear you can fit three mortars in here no problem. I'll show you guys here this is one I really like I recently discovered it and it's probably one of my favorites and the reason is that it's my favorite is because I don't really need a Elixir so it's on the outside.

I also find it very easy to get elixir so if people steal it it's no problem even if I'm trying to save up for something because I just don't get attacked that much people realize it's not worth it to attack me and the main reason is my base is really hard to get into so I'll show you guys some examples so here's my elixir storage you could get maybe two elixir storages but you're going to spend 60% of your troops trying to get those two elixir storages and then what then you're screwed if you want to get another one there you go you're like at 80% if not fully used all your troops just to get some of my elixir. first of all my gold store just aren't that close it's gonna be very very very expensive just to get in there and then I also have these traps set up very well so you know troops are going to want to go to the open part they're not going to want to try to break through the wall obviously so they're going to try to go in here they're going to get spring trapped if anything else like hog riders say they're jumping from this to this they're going to get attacked by this spring trap stuff like that, any air defense that are coming in they're going to get most of these bombs triggered and that's because they're pretty close together they're not as close together as I'd like but they're pretty close together so most of these will be triggered and take out some of the air attacking units and also the Giants will usually be lowered to here and they just get giant bombs so it just gets them for a huge amount of damage.

base building in clash of clans

All of my wizard towers my mortars and my Expos are in the middle so they're getting hammered. But those won't be triggered until you get past my Elixir storages so unless you're going for a full-on attack this won't even get triggered. so I won't waste my troops my king and my queen are both very in the center so they also won't get wasted or triggered for people who are just going for a simple few star Town hall attack.

And another thing is to make sure you have open wall segments because close walls everywhere isn't good because then you have nowhere to put your traps it's always a good idea to have open segments that lure troops so that way you can stick traps in there it's a very good idea especially now that there's all these hog rider attacks you want to have spring traps in between defenses like I have here and that's because they're going to jump for this right here and they're just going to get spring trapped and when you have big things like hog riders or Giants it's going to be super effective so it's very handy to keep in mind.

Also one last thing, make sure that your king and queen if you have a farming base are far away from your Town Hall because otherwise people will just trigger them and waste them. So that's all i have for your for now about building bases that are effective and can allow you to win much more defense battles. Just by experimenting a lot you can gain a lot of experience and you can be very much on your way to pro level gamer status. If you need any more tutorials just contact me using my contact page and ill try to write up more tutorials for you.

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