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If you're not a beginner in clash of clans this article is not for you, this is for people that aren't familiar with the game clash of clans and want to get into it and this is kind of like a beginner's guide to everything in the game so yeah let's go ahead and start off with like everything about clash.

When you first open the game clash of clans you'll notice that you have your own town and basically this is your base to do whatever you want to, you can buy decorations you can set up the walls where you want, you can set up your towers you can set up everything you want, you can design your base, and you can pretty much do everything you want with your base. The point of your base is to be able to protect your Town Hall starting from level one if you just started or level two.

Your Town Hall basically shows what level you are and what stages you are in the game if you're a Town Hall level one you're probably a noob if you're a town hall level seven like me you're probably like an intermediate player and if your Town Hall level nine you're pretty much a pro in the clash of clans world. So the Town Hall tells you how how advanced you are in the game and you you want to protect your Town Hall from attackers.

You have gold storage, you have elixir storage, oh by the way for those that don't know Elixir is this purple juice stuff that you need to make troops so if you don't have this purple juice called elixir you can't make an army to go and attack other people so you want to have elixir. So this is your town and there's thousands of other towns in the world of of clans and

they're all for you to raid, so yeah the point of clash of clans is basically to defend your base as best you can and then to train troops and raid other bases for loot such as gold and the purple juice called elixir.

clash of clans beginners guide

So that's clash of clans in a nutshell but now we're going to go into more depth so at the top of the screen you can see that there's a 3-hour shield it's a shield with 3 hours and 26 minutes that basically means that nobody can attack your base for another 3 hours and 26 minutes and same goes for other people. If other people have a shield on you can't attack them until their shield goes away so this makes it so that people can't be constantly getting raided because if they're constantly getting raided it's overpowered, and it's not fair. So what the clash of clans creators have done is they've implanted a shield to protect those people.


When someone raids you, they raid a percentage of your base. As you can see, someone was able to raid just 42% of my base, so what this tells you is basically how much was destroyed when they raided me. So if they've only raided 0 to 49% then you get trophis from the raid, and if they raid past 50% then you lose trophies.So everytime you win a battle or defense against someone you get trophies.


The top left of the screen tells people how much you've upgraded your town and how much gold you have and stuff like that, and you can level up your base by upgrading the componenets of your base. So if you click on your wizard tower , it shows that it's a level 6. You can level up by clicking the upgrade button. It can take up to 3 days to make this upgrade because its a slow level up.

Clan Castles

Once you've been playing for a while you're probably going to want to join a clan and in order to do that you're going to have to rebuild your clan castle. And with a level 2 clan castle you can fit a lot of troops inside. And basically clan castles allows you to join clans and stuff like that. once you're in a clan people can donate troops to you so if i request troops and reinforcement troops then people will donate troops to me when someone tries to raid my base. My own armies such as archers and stuff like that can only be used when im raiding someone else, so i must rely on my buildings defences to defend my base from a raid.


At the shops you can buy resources which cost elixir and gold , and you can also buy builders huts which you can purchase with treasures with real life money. This is not mandatory but it really helps you to progress through the game faster. You can even purchase stuff like army camps and defense structures like mortars and walls and cannons, and archer towers. This is how you populate and grow your base.


At the right side of the screen there are lots of gems and these are for buying builders huts, and also speeding up the process of building stuff like upgrading spell factories. And if i click on finish now, i can finish the spell drop factory and this costs gems. I would nt recommend for a beginner to do this though. So instead save up all your gems and buy builders huts instead by clicking on the shops and buying it from there. These can cost about 500 gems to buy.


if you are wondering about how to get gems its simple. you can get them by completing achievements and every tiem you complete an chievement you get gems , and eventually they do add up and you'll have enough to buy an extra builders hut. This will help you to have tons of builders working and helps you move a lot faster because you can be upgrading different things using each single builders hut that you have to speed up your process, and you can level up faster.

I guess I could go into detail about the units. so the archer tower attacks both land and air units so that includes barbarians archers Giants, balloons, Dragons, Archer towers attack them all. Cannons on the other hand only attack barbarians, archers, Giant,s and anything that's on the ground so you want to keep that in mind.

Same with the air defense, air defense only attacks dragons and air balloon units that are in the air and the mortars will only attack ground units such as archers, and barbarians, and stuff like that. So yeah, every defense system has its own perk so keeping that in mind when you are setting up your base because you don't want to have one side of your base stacked with cannons. You want to kind of even everything out and when you're building your base up you want to protect your townhall, you want to obviously try and protect your golden elixir.

It's important to have your gold storage and your elixir and your townhall all within your inside of your base so that you don't lose too much when people raid you.

clash of clans beginners guide

So now let's go ahead and talk about the rating aspect of clash of clans. now when you click attack, there's single-player towns that you can attack. The best part about single-player towns is that you can attack them when you have a shield like as you can see I can click attack and I have my shield on so that's a really big bonus because you don't have to wait for your shield to expire before you can attack. whereas if I wanted to attack an online person I'd have to say my shield is active you want to deactivate it and what that would do is it would allow people to be able to attack my base which I don't want to do right now.

so if you want to attack someone, you got to disable your shield unless you're going single-player so that's the perks of single-player there's also this trophy down there and it shows you the league that you're in. It shows everyone in your league and show you

how many battles each person has won, and their defenses that they've won and every time you win a battle you get a loot bonus for being in like a higher league so it gives you incentive to raid more, and it's a good thing and you get ranked in your league according to how many trophies that you have.


There's a ton of leagues you'll probably start off as bronze if you're a newbie and then there's silver and gold and you work your way up. This is pretty much how your home base works and now we're going to look at attacking and stuff like that. So I'm going to go ahead and hit attack and I'm going to find a match and I'm going to disable my shield by pressing okay. we're going to raid a base so if it has air defense and a wizard tower, I'm going to take those out and because I have three dragons. The clock counts down, and when it gets to zero your battle will automatically start so I'm going to start by deploying a bunch of archers to take out these units right here that wizard tower. we still got 42 archers we're going to deploy some here to take out those archer towers.

The air defense has been destroyed now I have a free pass to deploy my dragons so I'm going to go ahead and start doing that. oh there's that Tesla there come on dragon take it out. all right Tesla's dead now we're moving into the archer tower and as you can see the mortar cannot attack my dragon because it's an air unit and only archer towers and wizard towers and air defense can attack air units. so while my dragon is going for that Elixir that I really really would like. if you're beginner to clash of clans you know battles are pretty similar throughout all levels except you'll probably just have archer units and barbarians and you won't have dragons. it takes a long time to get dragons. You got to be a level 15 or so to get dragons.

Unfortunately, you can't control where your units go so you can't intentionally attack this or attack that, they pretty much are random at where they're attacking stuff, so that's kind of a downside to units.

finally the battle is over and I won I got six trophies I got 53,000 elixir and fifty-nine thousand gold so that was an okay raid pretty bad actually for three dragons but you know we'll take it anyways. That's pretty much a beginner's overview, we've pretty much covered everything. we've covered defenses, we covered raiding, we've covered the shops, the gems, and the league system.

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I hope you enjoyed these beginner tips and tutorial for clash of clans.

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