Engineered Bases in Clash of Clans

Find out what all the fuss is about.

What are Engineered Bases?

Some people seem to think its cheating, but is it really?

Today we're gonna be talking about engineered basses basically what they are and then I'm gonna answer a few common questions regarding engineered bases so yeah I hope this article helps you guys for those of you that don't actually know what engineered bases are cause surprisingly there's actually some people who just don't know what engineered bases are. I hope this article clears things up for you and yeah, lets get right into it.

So basically I just wanted to show you guys a few engineered bases and I do remember number 18 down here was a town hall 10 engineered base so yeah here is his base design and the reason this is an engineered base is because of this common definition that I made up for engineered bases, it's a base that prioritizes offense over defense to an extreme or significant level. so all of us like to upgrade our troops right like our troops are more important than say upgrading our cannons, but engineered bases are basically people that just completely prioritize offense over defense they rarely or sometimes never upgrade their defensive structures and they just only upgrade their troops. upgrade their heroes upgrade their spells and that's pretty much it.

so that is an engineered base that's my definition for it and I think that's a pretty common definition that's gonna fit most engineered bases so let's go in and take a look at this base and talk about why this would be considered an engineered base. so first of all when you look at it it's a townhall 10 but it doesn't look like a full Town Hall 10 right like when you look at a normal th 10 this is not what a Town Hall 10 looks like, a th tens much bigger, it has much more defenses. th ten have infernal towers, and you take a look at this base right here it has one air defense that's like level 9 Archer towers really low-level cannons as well and probably only as many walls as you can get at like tunnel 6 or tunnel 7.

so yeah pretty obvious when you look at this base even on the first glance that it is not a normal Town Hall 10 and that's just the first part of it now if we just saw that so we didn't see his troop levels I could call this base rushed right? I could call this base a noob base because some people are rushed and rushing is not engineering because rushing you're just basically a noob at the game and you're rushing your townhall up to the highest level and leaving everything else behind, but engineered bases are different because you're upgrading your offense along the way as you're upgrading your Town Hall you're just neglecting the defense part but you're not neglecting the offense part. For rushing Town Hall's you're basically neglecting everything that's why you see rushed bases with like level 5 laws and like level 2 barbs and stuff like that. but we go ahead and take a look at his troops look at this right here, this is a pretty obvious engineered base.

once again from a first glance so the first thing that you can see is that he has level two bolos and we know anything about bolos they are pretty strong especially when you're attacking a towel 9 or th 8 or low th 10 or something like that. bolos are obviously really useful and you can see as miners are also up there at level 3 so he has several high-level war troops that he can use and this is what I mean by an engineered base and essentially the point of an engineered base is that you weigh lower right since your base is like really bad you have low level defenses you don't have any of those high-level structures then your base is gonna be weighed in low in the war that's why this guy's number 18 even though he's the townhall 10 he's number 18 all the way down here out of 20 people in this war because he has low-level defenses he doesn't have Inferno towers but even though he's ranked this low in the war he still has a huge advantage so basically what the point of an engineered base is that you can use your high-level troops to attack. another is that a higher level than yours in terms of defense.

engineered bases in clash of clans

so for example this guy right here number 18 he's all the way down here he's not like attacking the town late not attacking like one of our low th nine. hes all the way up here attacking some of our top bases right here so that's gonna find someone who was attacked by number 18 right here look at this Sharon den Adel attacked by number 18 and three stars so look at Sharon den Adel real quick we're gonna pause the video look at his base he is a maxed out Town Hall 9 except to the walls and this guy comes in he's a tunnel 10 with like no expose like to Archer towers or something like that a crazy low amount of walls and he's able to come in and three-star Sharon an adult with his high level war troops and extra amount of spells that you get at those higher Town Hall level.

so I'm gonna play this replay right here and you guys are gonna see he actually goes ahead and three stars this max out Town Hall 9 he's all the way down there at number 18 up here attacking number 8 so yeah obviously you can see how this gives your clan an advantage in war I'm gonna speed this up quite a bit so we can get through this because there's a lot of other engineered bases that were actually in this war that I would like to show you guys but anyways you can see right here this is the attack going on it actually is a pretty messy attack his healers got taken down but guess what he has 5 spells in this attack five full elixir spells and he has all these heals and those miners which are just super powerful against a town hall 9 base and it's a pretty easy job for him to three-star Sharon than Adam so yeah this was just one example of an engineered base being so effective in this war.

we're gonna take a look at one more example then I'm gonna talk to you guys about a few questions that you guys might have about engineered bases and I'm gonna try to answer those questions to the best of my ability so you can see right here number 18 also attacked mr. me gamer, we're gonna check out another engineered base right here. I think he only attacked me because he didn't have his queen up as you can see in this attack his Archer Queen is down so that's why he attacked a town hall 9 if he wanted to he probably could have gone up and attacked a th 10 you know and he probably could have two starred maybe even three starred that th 10 because even though he's ranked all the way down here at number 6 we're gonna go check out his base real quick over here at number 6.

Scout his base right here you can see just look at his base I mean this is a pretty obvious engineered base he is a town hall 10 but he does not have Expos and he does not have inferno towers and I'm guessing he just upgraded his walls for fun. I mean walls don't really matter that much in regards to you engineered bases war. But as you can see this is a pretty obvious engineered base we going to take a look at his troops look at his heroes look at all his troops look at those Town Hall 10 troops that he has level 2 bowlers level 5 Valkyries level 3 miners level 6 wizards look at this huge advantage that he's getting over me even though I'm also number 6, but he's getting a huge advantage even over number 5 number 4 on our roster because of his engineered status.

And the reason this is an engineered base is because like I said he does not have expos and he does not have inferno towers you get your expos at townhall 9 and he did not build his expos at all and then he did not build his Inferno towers as well so this guy is basically a townhall 8 with a few extra air defenses and archer towers and whatnot but besides that he's pretty much a townhall 8 or Th 8.5 somewhere around that. But then he's all the way up here at tunnel 10 he has those high-level troops that he's able to use to probably three-star any th 9 and 2 star or three-star a low Town Hall 10. obviously putting him at a huge advantage in this war.

alright, so we're gonna head back home right here and I'm gonna answer to you guys 3 questions that I get asked a lot and I getting asked a lot in regards to engineered bases. so the first question is what is the line between an engineered base and a non engineered base, how do you draw that line in between what you consider what is and what isn't and this is my answer, and this is definitely subject to controversy but this is my answer, and I think that my answer is widely accepted by many people. I'd like to say that 8.5 bases 9.5 bases 10.5 bases basically you upgrade to the next town hall level but you don't get that town hall level significant defense so for an 8.5 you don't get the expos for 9.5 you don't get the inferno towers for 10.5 you don't get the Eagle artillery.

I do not consider those bases to be engineered bases because you're just prioritizing offense over defense normally that's not to an extreme level in my opinion I think it starts becoming an engineered base when the level of your defenses is 2 th levels lower than what your Town Hall level is. so for example, that base I just showed you guys with that guy is a th 10 but he didn't have the expos he didn't have the infernal towers, yeah he's basically a town hall 8 like I said. so he's a th 10, he's ranked sort of like a th 8 plus a few things, then that's basically calling him an engineered base and that was why I considered him an engineered base. The other guy I showed you the guy with the th 10 but his base was super small and he added like level 9 Archer towers level 9 cannons all that stuff I would consider that to be an engineered base because obviously a th 10 base does not look that small a th 10 base has expos at least and yeah it's pretty obvious that's an engineered base.

like I said, this is subject to controversy as some people may disagree with me, and I do expect people to disagree with me but that's my take on it and I think that's what a lot of people consider to be the right line to draw between an engineered base and a non engineered base. so we're gonna hop into a replay here and we're gonna talk about the next question that I get asked quite a bit by people who want to know about engineered bases. so this question is, is engineering cheating? Now this is another very controversial one which I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me because this is my own opinion that's all that I can give here but yeah some people think that engineering is cheating some people think that engineering is not cheating but I think the problem here is we need to define what cheating actually means, like what does cheating mean? some people have different definitions for cheating and that's why there are different definitions for engineering that's why there are disagreements on engineered bases.

what are endineered bases?

so is cheating just not following the Terms of Service? is that cheating? is anything else besides that not cheating? or is cheating anything that gives yourself or your clan an unfair advantage in war? so what is cheating? is it just what supercell writes down in their Terms of Service that you cannot do or is there more stuff added to it. or like giving just yourself an unfair advantage that was not intended for you to have you're not supposed to have that advantage but somehow you've got that advantage is that cheating? like there's a lot of controversy over that as well and that's why I can't really answer this question until we define what cheating actually means. now if I had to answer this question though I would probably say engineering is not cheating by itself meaning you should not get banned or get penalized by supercell just for engineering your base because I mean if you want to engineer your base look why can anyone stop you? it's a way to play the game it's completely legal you're not doing like anything illegal you're not breaking the Terms of Service so it's not technically cheating.

and I think cheating might be the wrong term to use when regarding engineered bases now do I think that they gave you an unfair advantage in war yes I do obviously they give you an unfair advantage like if you have a clan full of th tens that are ranked as tile eights or th nines that's obviously not fair and that may show not in all cases but that sometimes shows that you don't have enough skill to attack people of your same level that you have to go ahead and engineer your base to get yourself better than everyone else in your category in your weight and then you can go three-star their bases easier that's in some cases not all cases but that's why people engineer their bases.

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so yeah, let's move on to the last question I get asked which is, should I engineer my base? this is what some people ask me, some people ask other people should I engineer myself and I'm not talking about me I'm talking about you guys as general should you guys engineer your bases now this obviously is another controversial question but in my opinion and this is my opinion obviously I don't think that you should engineer your main account because your main account is something that you have pride in is something that you want to max out I guess in a way, so I would not recommend actually doing that to your main account like engineering your base but if you actually have a second account I would consider engineering your base like I have a second account where I just engineered the base and it's a second account it's not my main account in war and I just put it in war mostly actually to have fun like this account originally was a donating account not actually an engineered base but I sort of turned it into an engineered base but upgrading the lava house upgrading you know the Valks and stuff like that but anyways basically that's my take on it don't engineer your main base.

if you have a second account though feel free to do it and another thing I do want to talk about is supercells stance on the engineered bases they're actually a bit wavy about this sometimes they say it's good sometimes they say it's bad but in the recent update they actually sort of nerf to engineer the bases basically making it so that if you have engineered bases you're gonna get matched up with another clan with engineered bases and that's what actually happened this war we had engineered bases they had engineered bases supercell matched us up together and that's how we got this war so yeah I do want to warn you guys about that that supercell may be nerfing engineered bases. So that's it for this article about engineered bases. See you on my next tutorial.

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