How To Engineer Your Base in
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This tutorial is about how to engineer your bases. engineering is something that is frowned upon by some people and other people love doing it and what I mean by engineering is making it so that you're way under weight. so an example would be like having town hall 9 troops but weighing in at close to a max Town Hall 8. so what that's going to do is that's going to allow you to be able to hit th 9 because what you can do as an 8.5 which that's what you'd be considered, is you'd be able to hit my max nines basically because you'd have level 8 and you'd have the troops of a th 9.

now, how to engineer. first of all you need to figure out your war weights you got to know what you can and can't upgrade and that's going to determine how how heavy your base is, you want to know a little bit of knowledge on the process of engineering if you don't, that's kind of what I'm making this tutorial for. some tips to help you get your base to a fully like 8.5 you can do 10.5 9.5 if you never want to upgrade your defenses past the Town Hall that you were previously. so if you're a th 8 you want to keep the defenses if you're going to drop the new ones at th 8 level and there's certain ones that you don't drop depending on what you want to become. I know if you're an 8.5 usually you don't drop the extra Archer tower you don't drop the expos you definitely don't drop the expos. you can drop the sweeper and the Tesla, that is something that I recommend dropping only because it's going to help you against getting attacked by th eights because you can get cleared by them because you're basically a tunnel eight with Archer Queen.

so I mean if they know what they're doing they can take you down. another thing is you want to drop only the necessities like bombs, you want to drop. you can drop the new dark elixir depending on what Town Hall you're upgrading to. you want to get your lab maxed like ASAP you want to get your heroes up, you want to get that clean dropped. another thing is depending on what kind of engineering you want to do you can do a no defense which is something that we do have in our clan or you can do a point five point two five point seven five there's a lot of different things you can do and I have a bunch of examples in our clan. so we're going to go ahead and first we will look at a no defense, so right here this is an example of a node D, alright nevermind we're going to go to different only because that one's destroyed um I know we do have we have a tunnel eight no defense and this is kind of the logistics of it.

engineered bases

so you drop the storages you drop the hero you have to have the cannon that's the only defense you can really have. a lot of people make fun of it because you need it and as you can see he does have his troops upgraded quite a bit, this is a relatively new account so you've been grinding on this, but that's an example of a no defense and it's pretty obvious what it means. it's just you don't have any defenses so if we go ahead and look at where he lies in war he actually lands at number twenty so he's the weakest but if we go ahead and look at who he just attacked, he was able to attack fourteen and fifteen which is quite a bit up from where he's at in war. now let's go ahead and we'll start at the bottom we'll go to a eight point five which is going to be Khujo junior. so this is a good example of an eight point five as you can see he did drop the Tesla he didn't drop the wizard tower I don't think he dropped the archer tower and he definitely didn't drop the expos. so what you're going to want to do is drop your Archer Queen you're going to drop your Tesla believed he dropped his other sweeper yes he did and if we look at his offense its I'm pretty sure it's maxed out other than maybe the witches the heroes aren't quite maxed but this is a really solid account.

he has them walls higher than most people if you look at my home base I'm actually making an eight point five right now I got th nine not too long ago, I got that Tesla finishing. The sweepers are up to par and Archer Queens a little weak but I'm working on it. I only have one builder right now so I've been getting some of these walls done all right let's look at an eight point seven five that's what he says he is. I don't know what his worry is but this account is insane he can take out max town hall tens with it he has 31 31 he's about to have and when he matches in war he's right at about a max townhall 9 level if not below because if you look at his defenses none of them are past Hanalei besides the air defenses and Tesla's which the Tesla's I don't believe add much weight at all only because they're considered a trap but the air defenses do add a little bit of weight but what that's going to do is that's going to help him defend against th 9s which is something that you definitely want to have.

how to make engineered bases in clash of clans

So if they have to go out on a dip that's great for us we'll go ahead and look at it actually I'll show Darwin's base real quick only because this account blows my mind. he weighs in at the lowest Town Hall 10 which I'm pretty sure he levels like right at a max th 9. I just think that if we had to max th 9 I'm not sure he'd overweighted or not if you look at his offence it's ridiculous he has almost max heroes and he can take out the max like every th 11 that we match up against he hasn't been playing that much he's been pretty busy but this account is just a savage account. now we'll go ahead and look at a 9.5 so I won the quest we're going to be looking at bad boy right here this is an example of a 9.5. As you can see he has all the defenses at town hall 9 level none of them are past Town Hall 10 besides maybe the X or the Tesla's, but as I said before traps don't really add that much weight and he does have his queen up to max and his king over three levels of th 9, this is another example he can take out th tens with ease depending on if he knows what he's doing.

And we'll go ahead and look at the last example of a point 5 which is going to be Pete this is an example of a 10.5 he did get destroyed that must have just happened because I was just making sure all these bases were ok but as you can see he is starting to upgrade his defenses a little I'm not sure if he's going to go th 11 or not but this is a good example of wall wise and hero wise up at 9 10.5. we could take a look at Ralphy I know he is also a 10.5. so this is another example of a 10.5 this one's not fully destroyed, he has the defense's at th 10 but he doesn't have any even past he does have the warden which helps a lot and then if you go ahead and look at the offense again bowlers are up hounds are up loons are up he's working on that king right now the Queen just finished and that is an example of a 10.5.

so what you want to do is as soon as you get your Town Hall you want to drop whatever hero you can or upgrade them, go ahead drop the traps drop the walls and I mean that's about it usually you can war right away as soon as your Town Hall finishes only because you're not going to hurt your clan weight-wise because you're not dropping level 1 Expos you're not dropping level 1 Archer towers and so on so I hope this helped guys. I know a lot of people are confused when it comes to engineering it's not as hard as it sounds it's pretty easy as long you you have the steps and other than that I mean it's pretty pretty obvious what to do. so if you guys have any questions of like what defenses you do or don't drop if you don't want to drop any bombs go ahead and ask at my contact section, peace out guys.

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