Gemming Tutorial Guide For
Clash of Clans

The awesome world of gemming.

Gemming to the Top!

Gemming can really speed things up for you.

For gemming, I really do recommend just buying five ten or even twenty dollars of gems right away. it may seem like a big amount at first but trust me it will benefit you greatly in the long run. so for now we're going to buy $20 worth of gems so we're going to confirm this purchase. As you see I've just added $20 worth of gems by buying that 2500 and when necessary we can buy some more gems. I'm happy to gem to speed up the process and I'm also happy to give away gems.

we're going to be doing some awesome things so first thing is we're going to be getting a brand new builder, that's right we're going to be upgrading another builder so right now we only had two. or as of this very moment we now have three and with three builders we can do three things at once without them being busy. so now I can say that we're going to just use those gems right there and there. so as you see we're doing three things at once.

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I know again guys this is a very very basic tutorial on very basic beginners thing, but that's the point of its to show my lower level players what's up and the newcomers to clash of clans real-life friends and other people just how to play the game and what the heck is going on with clash of clans.

so as you see we have now levelled up. we have one XP on level three and now let's zoom right on into doing some upgrades and gemming some resources we're going to go to the shop and we're going to go to our defenses we're going to buy as many laws as we possibly can at first with whatever gold we have now you don't necessarily have to follow exactly what I'm doing if you choose to that is totally fine.

I've nothing against that but there are other tutorials on how to benefit every single bit of gold in every single bit of elixir if you're really into that or you can simply follow what I'm doing because what I think is best is what I'm doing right now. currently at townhall two we can have one more barrack and we can have one more cannon one more Archer tower and 14 more walls and we can also have two more collectors or pumps so as of right now we have zero liquor and only 33 gold. now that's not very much so what you can do is when you purchase gems, you can fill up your storages. you can buy resources and food storages so as of right now we're going to fill my elixir storages and with that we're going to train up some troops so we're going to train up these barbarians and just kind of let them sit there and they're going to do their thing and we're going to wait for the army camp to be upgraded.

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so the next thing I'm going to do is get some basic basic upgrades out of the way which is upgrading the storages, so then we going out of the storage is level two so we can fit much more as you see before we can only fit 2500 now we can fit 4,000 so that's awesome and we're going to do one more set of upgrade to these so you can really have everything we need. And as you see, we are now level four. So now both of these are in fact level three and we can fit 7,000 of each as you see if I fill it up 7,000 we can fit plenty more which is only going to let us do better and bigger upgrades in the future now once you complete certain tasks and/or achievements you can visit the clash lady here and she has all these achievements, and once you complete them you can collect and claim the reward and you will receive experience points and gems.

so that's another added bonus and there's tons of achievements you can get so now that we have zero of each we're going to gem both these storages so we now have full storages and as you see we still have over 2,000 gems so that is currently not a concern of mine and now we are going to buy as many more walls as possible so we're going to go back to our defenses and we're going to buy all the walls we can so we can get our base up and running. and there we go that's as many walls as I can build that is a 25 wall limit and now just for one minute and now just for one minute.

let's get this cannon going so as you see we still have two out of our three builders available so we're going to continuously do upgrades so since I have a ton of elixir I'm going to be upgrading my army camp instead of waiting an hour for that we're going to finish that up right now by gemming. As soon as I finished that, another builder hut upgrade is also finished. so anyway moving on, we now have our army camp level 2 we have another cannon coming in and we have our storages both level 3 the next set of fast and easy upgrades we can do is our resource collectors. all of these also takes only a minute and we can get those completed. I will then be able to make a full base and actually protect my base.

Gemming is probably the fastest way to get up and running, and i recommend that only experienced people who might be trying to grow another account should use gemming. Its always possible that you could end up spending too much money because its extremely easy to spend a lot of money on these games without really being aware of it. As an easy few clicks process you could end up spending a lot of money without realizing it until its too late. So if you want to use gemming, just be careful how much you are actually spending.

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