How To Max Out Heroes Fast in
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Max Heroes!

Great strategy that will benefit you in the wars to come.

Check out this tutorial about how to get your heroes to max as fast as possible in clash of clans. I do have 40 40 now it took me a little longer than I'd like to admit, however I didn't get serious about grinding to get them until maybe a month or so ago, so I had about thirty thirty probably two months ago and I got him up to 35 35 and I think I got him to 40 40 really fast. I did gem the wait time and I think the Queen for 39 and 40 and the King for 39 and 40.

however I did farm. When attacking just get your heroes in if there's a outside air defense near the perimeter where you can get that with just your heroes you don't need your heroes for this if you don't have either of them awake you can drop the wall breakers if you only have your King awake I'd suggest bringing the wall breakers only because you could get him in and potentially get an air defense, the elixir is very heavy it's five hundred and thirty seven thousand five hundred which seems like a lot but one of the things you have to take into account is that you're gonna get loot plus your loot bonus depending on what trophy League you're in for me I have been in Champions one farming mostly and if you look at the League bonus I'm getting two hundred fifty thousand and easily I can grab three hundred thousand elixir.

when I do a raid usually I'm between three hundred five hundred thousand if not I find a one of them big whales with just like 600 or 700 thousand of each in the background. I wanted to talk about how to get max heroes now when you're using the baby dragons you have the two lightning in the air the EQ so that you can lightning zap or so you can zap quake a air defense and then you can use your heroes to get another one and so what you're gonna want to do when you're looking at a base is you're gonna want to figure out where the dark elixir storages and where the pumps are. You're also gonna want to try your hardest to get the Town Hall when you're doing it because the Town Hall actually stores - I think it's like one fifth of your dark elixir. I don't know exactly how much it is however it is a good amount and so if you can grab that Town Hall with grabbing the storages and the dark elixir drills you're gonna get basically a hundred percent of the dark elixir.

Attack More

when I'm doing that strategy I look for anywhere from like three thousand to five thousand I don't wanna settle on something that's gonna waste my time because I do have to wait for my heroes and my troops to cook which is just annoying and if you only have one hero that's not too bad but if you have both heroes up and you gotta gem the hero wait because you're always gonna finish your army before you hear a wait time depending on if you have the troops cooking behind your army so another thing is that you want to attack more than you're getting attacked and what I mean by that is you're gonna want to do like maybe three raids while you're online and then you get off and get attacked once you never want to do an attack have no shield get attacked and then do an attack and just get attacked again because half the time when you're up in these leagues you're gonna get close to on a percentage because there's primarily tunnel Elevens if there isn't that's good I know I've been hit by some tens and they cannot grab my dark elixir storage because I do have a ring base.

how to maximize heroes in clash of clans

Protecting Your Dark Elixir Storage

And that puts me on to the third thing I like to touch on is locating your dark elixir storage you want to put it in a spot where most of the attackers that you face aren't gonna get it right now. so unless they 100% 3 star you and get all the way to your core they're probably not gonna get most of your dark elixir I know usually people take about a thousand off of me I have a centralized dark elixir storage so they have a hard time getting to it if they're using air if they're using ground it's almost even harder only because they have to they have to make a pretty big one in order to get in there and then they have the infernos, expos, all that good stuff shooting at them.

The fourth thing like I said before is you're gonna get attacked by higher people however honestly some of the people up there are not even that good they just go for the two star one star whatever they can get I know I've been hit by a couple 9s they have failed which it doesn't benefit you but it does boost you up a little like I said you want to use the least amount of dark elixir now if that means going super heavy on elixir it's not the end of the world most likely if you're going for max heroes you have your lab done you're using gold for walls you could use elixir for walls which I was doing for a while however with the strategy I was doing it took me a lot longer to do one elixir wall then to get a gold wall. I think it would average out to like I'd farm enough gold to do three walls with the gold and then I'd get one with the elixir only cuz unless you're getting a good amount of dark elixir you're gonna have a hard time keeping your storages full of elixir because you're using so much of it.

Now another thing is boosting your barracks that definitely helps if you do a boost session grab twenty to thirty dark elixir that'll definitely benefit you I know personally I was doing like a hundred thousand dark elixir a day which is weak compared to some people I have friends who who have gemmed an entire level if not two to three levels and just gem the wait time which is just crazy but as I'm sure you guys again the army is the baby dragon army you can use this the second the third one I have loon spam I don't know why I labeled it that's just what I called it and I'll go ahead and show you what that looks like. I will do this one now this mace I found it was a dead base but look at the dark elixir 5 almost 5000 with the bonus I think it's close to 7000 and if you look at the golden elixir I'm making a profit especially on this army because this one only has like 250,000 elixir so this is another army you could use.

gem heroes in clash of clans

it does use around a thousand and three hundred dark elixir which depends on what kind of player you are I had a lot of success using baby dragons I would literally three-star 85% of the bases I hit even if they were townhall Elevens only because you can take advantage of them. most of them have around Expos like this one even though they're not full they are all on ground as you can see I'm using my Queen to go ahead and get the air defense which she almost got but as you guys know this does end up being a hundred percent so it really doesn't matter right here I'm just going counterclockwise with my la lune gonna rage up where I feel needed. honestly I didn't need the freeze spells in this one I think I just used them to mess around because it's annoying when you go back to your base and you had prematurely made troops and then your armies all out of whack but I think they fix it because I've been donating loons and it actually refills my army camp with loons. it does do wall breakers because that's the first thing that trains at my list of troops. That's really the general way of how to get max heroes.

I mean you just you really have to farm unless you want to spend a ton of money and go ahead and buy the dark elixir which I don't think is necessary and a little trick that I learned while I was doing this was that if you want a war like as fast as you in between hero downtimes you want to wait until the very end of a clan war on war day like within that 24-hour period because what that's gonna do is that's gonna allow you to only miss three wars and then on the third fourth one you can opt in even though you're gonna have one day left on your hero because that one day is gonna get covered by the prep day so you only ever have to set out three wars I know some people set up four because they do it wrong they do it at the end of war when they're just searching for a new one and that's definitely not what you want to do.

let's do a little recap on what you want to do to get max heroes as fast as possible is you want to use as least amount of dark as possible you want to get up as high as you can in trophies to get that loop bonus Titans League is honestly the best however I just didn't get up to that high as fast as I could using the strategy. you want to attack as much as possible meaning you want to farm as hard as you can in between hero down times some people only like doing one here at a time they'll do like Queen from 35 to 40 30 to 35 they'll do five levels in between some people they'll get their Queen to 40 and have a 30 King I know that's done before and the last thing is your raids you want to get as much as you can for free. yours is much bang for your buck basically is what I'm trying to say don't settle for a little. a hundred thousand of each cuz that's gonna hurt you in the long run when you don't get enough elixir to cover your cost and then your storages are starting to get low and then you have to use dark elixir.

You might have to use the hound and the loons because you don't have enough elixir and so you need to build it up to where you're getting double it and then you can use no dark elixir but that is gonna be it guys that is how you get forty forty. So thats it for todays tutorial and if you need more, just let me know, pls visit my contact page to send me your message and ill be happy to do any type of tutorial you would like.

Why would someone want to max heroes in the first place? well first of all you might want bragging rights to be able to say that you've got everything maxed. And it could also help keep you save from attacks, because most people will realize that it might not be a good idea to attack your base so casually. They actually have to think twice instead of just jumping right in like they own the place.

Its great for your clan, and makes you important within your clan. Overall strong players makes a clan stronger. And if you don't have a clan you will be more attractive to any clan that you might want to join if you have such maxed out units like that. Clash of clans is a great game.

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