12 Most Powerful, but Overlooked Clash of Clans Tips

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There are all kinds of clash players of different levels, and anyone can use some clash of clans tips to help you improve or just to get the best competitive edge and destroy your enemies. The information you're about to get is probably something that hasn't been done before. Even though you have players or different Town Hall levels ranging from town hall 1 al the way to town hall 11, there are a variety of different tips and tricks that can be used everyday while playing the game which will help you to improve.

These clash of clans tips are so important but even the top players don't do it because it could be seen as extra work and people can't be bothered to micro manage the game every time and are very impatient. This is usually the story for most coc gamers. These tips are for a variety of town hall levels so not all of them will apply to every player, so keep that in mind.

You may know some of these tips and you may not, but we have these tips here today because there are thousands of new clash of clans players joining the game everyday and someone out there would benefit greatly from the tips shared here. This will help players of different levels although this is geared mostly for players that are getting into the higher level town hall levels. But if you are a low level player keep this guide as you will be needing it very soon and there is a lot to be learned from it.

Tip 1 - Rage Spell

Honestly this one is so simple and its a wonder that most people don't even do it. You basically have to drop the rage spell into the path of where the troops are going and not directly on the troops. You want to drop them in front of where the armies such as giants, wizards and golems will be heading. The idea is that since the rage spell has a limited time of being active you don't want to drop it directly on the troops because they will soon move from the area where the spell is active where you dropped it.

So if you want to get the most out of your range spells just make sure you use your brain and experience and drop it where you know that the troops are going to funnel into and you can get maximum damage out of it.

Tip 2 - Heal Spell

The exact same tactic applies to the heal spell where you have to drop them well beyond in the oncoming space where the troops are going to arrive. Don't underestimate this clash of clans tips and tricks because it can literally save you the whole war. Its just that powerful.

Tip 3 - Funnelling

This is a technique that is effective on valkyries, hog riders and also bolos. Patience is the name of the game. Sometimes you just want to get in the game and go, but things don't always work that way so you have to be patient. When you funnel troops always make sure that you have a good amount of golems or giants to tank and send in the wizard. You have to make sure that you destroy every building that you think the valkyries and bolos are going to go up towards are taken out. Drop one troop and if it goes into the center of the map then that means its time to send in the rest of the armies to increase your chance of getting a 3 star or a 2 star.

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Tip 4 - Town hall 10 and 11

This is because they have 35 trooping spaces inside of the clan castle. One thing that i see that happens so much and is so frustrating to watch. And to be honest im also guilty of this. Pretend you're attacking for a minute and you've got 3 golems inside of the army camps and one inside of the clan castle. People tend to drop the clan castle first which has a wizard in it and maybe even an archer. In this clash of clans tip both the wizard and archer are going to be killed off very fast if you drop in the castle golem first because the golem is going to come out last rendering the wizard useless and be killed. Also the archer will get hit by an archer tower and also be K.O.

The proper way to do it is to drop down the 2 golems first and then drop down the clan castle you will have an extra wizard and archer to raid with. And at the end of the day how many 99% 2 stars do you see and how many 99% 1 stars do you see? Many. So even one archer could really save you a war.

Tip 5 - Patience

Basically be patient with your spells. The realy great players are known for being very patient with their spells and do not rush their attacks at all. Most people playing this game tend to be impatient, actually a majority of players tend to be this way. But this kind of error is mitigated among the really top players where a single small mistake can cost them the whole war. I remember a match where "Leonidas" managed to tripple star a base with his attack. What i could notice from that match was the fact of how utterly patient he really was. I would say that experience plays a great deal in knowing how to do this, but i've also seen top tier players who were poor at implementing this simple strategy.

For example he saved his last 2 heal spells to the very last minute of the raid where it really mattered. Most other players out their would have panicked and used them much earlier. And this really could be the difference between getting a 2 star and a 3 star.

Tip 6 - Delaying Grand Wardens Ability

This refers to the use of the Grand Wardens ability in a timely manner which reduces its effectiveness. There are probably about 2 good reasons why you should be holding the Grand Wardens ability. The first would be if you knew where the big bombs are and you are using it to save your wizards or smaller troops.

The second reason would be if you were saving it for the Eagle Artillery or infernal tower when either one awakens. If you are not saving it for those 2 things then it's advisable to use your Grand Wardens ability really early inside the raid to stop any mass amounts of damage to the majority of your troops. Don't forget that the longer the longer the raid goes on the wider your troops go which means that even less of them are going to be within the aura. Remember you absolutely want to use your grand wardens ability really early in the game unless you want to use it for Eagle Artillery, Big Bombs, or infernal Towers. Now on to the next clash of clans tips.

Tip 7 - Never Use a Symetrical Base

This one is a big deal. The idea is that you don't want your opponent to be able to predict how your base looks. Sometimes bases can seem symetrical but actually aren't. A symetrical base is one that looks the same in both the right and left side in equal proportions. My advice is to Simply vary the placements of assets and defences such as walls, storage, traps and defences. The problem with symmetrical bases is that anyone can defeat such a base.

Unfortunately this is a mistake that many people make, especially noobs are are just starting out and model their bases based on some of the most simplest tutorials out there. However with experience one can begin to understand the pitfalls. However there are much more that are not aware of this "Achilles heel" in their base designs.

Tip 8 - Don't Drop Your Powerful Troops in Same Spot.

This also deals with predictability of your attacks. You must never drop your giants, golems, or wizards in the same area because they can easily be killed in a bottleneck funnel. They can easily be mowed down without getting the best opportunity to attack. One of the worst examples is when someone drops about 30 Valkyries in the same area. Valkyries are exceedingly powerful troops so you don't really need more than 4 or 5 of them to tear down any building or defence. Therefore dropping massive amounts in the same spot would definitely be a complete waste.

Tip 9 - Penetration Points x2

If you are not using a kill squad but pushing your attack with the main army always make sure that you have at least 2 penetration points. Use at least 5 to 6 war breakers to make sure that your army has a decent spread.

Tip 10 - Giant Bomb Killer

Back to TH 11 - Remember when i said to delay the Grand Wardens ability to save as many troops as possible in Tip #6? Well this is an exception. If you are Town Hall 11 and you're trying to funnel valkyries, wizards, etc into the center of the map and you know that there is a possibility of giant bombs, then make sure to save the grand wardens ability to render those giant bombs useless.

Tip 11 - Free Spell Usage

This pretty much works for all levels that have the free spell such as th9 th10 th11. Do not wait too long before using the free spell especially if you are using the free spell on the infernal tower. I know i said be patient with rage spells, heal spells, haste spells and the others, but the free spells are different because an infernal tower can easily destroy an entire army in seconds especially if its like wizards, valkyries, etc. So make sure that you are dropping free spells at the correct moment in time to freeze that infernal tower to make sure it does the smallest amount of damage possible.

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Tip 12 - Spells vs Towers

Do not use free spells and heal spells on infernal towers, unless the towers are easy to get to for an overwhelming attack or you can take them down quickly. Don't use heal spells when doing th10 or th11 attacks.

And those are the 12 tips that all skill levels from beginner to pro can benefit from.

Extra Tips For Beginner Levels TH 1 - 5

These tips can give beginners the best strategies to upgrade your base as quickly as possible and efficiently.

Maxed Out

Before you upgrade your TH make sure that all your buildings are maxed out. Alot of people do updrade TH prematurely because of all the new buildings that you get but thats not a good idea because you get a loot deduction when you attack bases who are two TH levels lower than you. Take for example a th6 player can only attack a th5+ level player without loot deduction.

This actually makes it harder to get resources and you won't be ready for the stronger bases.


One of the major things to do is to upgrade your camps and troops as soon as possible, because the stronger your troops are the easier it will be to steal resources. Troops can be upgraded in the lab.


As soon as you upgrade your Town Hall, one of the first things you want to do is get the new buildings and defences before attempting to upgrade the existing ones.


When you start the game, its going to try to make you to spend gems but you shouldn't do that because you need to be saving up gems for the extra builders. And make sure you cut down the trees and bushes as soon as they pop up so that you can get the extra builders much more quicker.


Don't forget these as they are very important. You want to make sure that you can upgrade your walls very quickly because walls provide you a great defence against attackers who will want to raid you as soon as possible. And if your walls are not strong enough your base will get overrun before you can blink.

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